Travel funding available to support Early Career Researcher visits

The Oxford Berlin Research Partnership aims to foster mobility and to help build stronger networks between the partner institutions. We also want to further the involvement of researchers at the beginning of their career.

To that end, funding is available to support Early Career Researchers and doctoral students from Oxford who are planning a short-term visit in Berlin to pursue research as part of existing or recent collaborations between the partners.

The award is made following the recommendation of the Academic Directors of the partnership and the members of the Academic Liaison Committee. The funds are intended to cover costs for travel, accommodation, and a daily subsistence allowance for research visits taking place between October and December 2022 (min. 2 weeks, max. 4 weeks in total).

To apply for funding in the framework of the OX|BER Research Partnership, please send your application to by September 04, 2022.

Please also note that you can currently also hand in expressions of interest for our OX|BER Flexible Funding.


Please briefly address the following questions and aspects in the attached application form:

  • A short description of the existing connection between the applying Early Career Researcher and the project that they will be visiting or working on.
  • Other concrete measures and projects in which the applicant will be involved during their time in Berlin.
  • The main activities of focus (e.g. lab work, participation in workshops, autonomous research).
  • Details of the duration and period of the planned stay.

After reviewing the application, you will receive feedback from us by e-mail.

After the cooperation activities are completed, an informal short report has to be submitted. A corresponding form will be provided to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

How much funding can be applied for:

The funding is available for a period of up to one month, with a minimum of two weeks to be spent in Berlin. Travel and accommodation costs will be calculated according to German federal travel expenses law.


If you submit receipts or invoices without further explanation, you can receive up to 70 euros for an overnight stay excluding the cost of breakfast. If the actual cost of your overnight stay exceeds 70 euros, you must provide an explanation for the full amount to be reimbursed. Acceptable reasons include e.g.:

  • Cheaper accommodation was unavailable due to exceptional reasons
  • The hotel was the designated conference hotel etc.

Daily subsistence allowance

As a rule, € 28 can be charged for a 24-hour stay.

If meals are covered (e.g. breakfast in a hotel), the lump sum is to be reduced. For a breakfast in Germany, this is € 5.60 (20 percent of € 28). For lunch or dinner, the bill is to be reduced by 11.20 euros (40 percent of 28 euros).

On the day of arrival and departure, the subsistence is € 14.


There is no guideline for flight/travel costs, but the principle of economic efficiency applies.

In the case of funding approval, you will receive more detailed information on the management of the funds.

Eligibility and other requirements:

Postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students of the University of Oxford together with researchers from an already existing collaboration between Oxford and Berlin.



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