OX | BUA Centre for Advanced Studies: Call on Global Health


The Centre for Advanced Studies, established in the scope of the Oxford | Berlin Research Partnership, has launched a funding call on global health, calling for project proposals to be submitted by 03 August 2021. Global Health is a key focus area of the University of Oxford and the Berlin University Alliance. Tackling global health challenges effectively requires an international and interdisciplinary approach. This initiative aims to support and promote research collaborations that integrate these approaches with innovative and promising project ideas.

Research areas of particular interest for this call are antimicrobial resistance, digital health, and pandemic preparedness. At a global scale, the current and future health and economic costs arising from antimicrobial resistance and insufficient pandemic preparedness are anormous. Well-conceptualised and suitably implemented digital health interventions have the potential to promote globally equitable well-being and reduce healthcare costs at a significant scale. All three research areas stand to benefit particularly from an internationally collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach as the complexity and variability of the challenges humanity faces require multi-dimensional solutions.

Further details of the funding call can be found here.