Webinar Series: Lessons and Opportunities from the Covid-19 Crisis - latest talk

Fiona Fox, Tom Feilden & Prof Sir Charles Godfray in conversation: “Science communication in times of emergency”


The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted many shortcomings of existing societal and polical systems, focuses, and approaches to problem-solving. It has also demonstrated the scale and impact of the global challenges we are likely to face within the 21st century. Optimising the way in which we tackle problems by identifying them early and implementing sustainable and effective solutions in good time is the best way to ensure we can overcome whatever challenges lay ahead, including, but not limited to, climate change. 


This latest event in the Oxford Martin School's series of thought-provoking discussions with many, much-needed constructive and uplifting ideas will explore how lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic could be used to transform how societies and policy-makers approach future challenges more effectively.