Webinar: How technology can support EU recovery

Advantage digital? How tech can support EU recovery & human resilience


The digital world has been playing an increasingly important part in our lives for many years now. The Covid-19 pandemic has additionally driven this development, highlighting both opportunities and challenges in digital transformations.

The shift of our work and personal lives to digital platforms has shown the potential of technology to promote connectivity without the need for travel, allowing many advantages - such as increased flexibility. Many of the challenges that previously hindered widespread implementation of digitisation are now being tackled speedily as a matter of necessity, paving the way for digital tools to become desirable long-term solutions to societal and global problems beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

This webinar hosted by the independent European public affairs consultancy FIPRA is hosting a webinar exploring the effects of the digital developments in the context of the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. Brussels-based convenor and moderator Jacki Davis will lead the conversation, with Aura Salla, Public Policy Director, Head of EU Affairs at Facebook, Prof. Stefana Broadbent, Digital Anthropologist, Politecnico di Milano, and Dr. Stelios Kympouropoulos, Member of European Parliament, joining in.