Webinar Series: Lessons and Opportunities from the Covid-19 Crisis - coming up next

Sir John Armitt & Prof Jim Hall in conversation: "National infrastructure for the recovery and the long term"


The Covid-19 crisis has shown how fast and how drastically societies can be transformed, even at a global scale, when governments respond to urgent threats. Building new and expanding existing infrastructures has been an important part of the response to Covid-19 globally. This is also an opportunity to work towards sustainability goals by ensuring that infrastructure changes not only enable a better response to Covid-19, but also plan ahead for the upcoming challenges associated with climate change.


This upcoming event in the Oxford Martin School's series of thought-provoking discussions with many, much-needed constructive and uplifting ideas will discuss the hopes, ideals and practicalities of building sustainable infrastructures in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis and in in preparation for the upcoming challenges of climate change.