A Berlin Exclusive: Timothy Garton Ash's 'Eine persönliche Geschichte'

Timothy Garton Ash will present his new book 'Europa. Eine persönliche Geschichte' in the Allianz Forum, Berlin, on 15 May 2023

Timothy Garton Ash is a passionate European. Even before 1989, he did not want to resign himself to the division of the continent, and he fought against Brexit until the end. Now he has written his own personal history of Europe, which begins in 1945 with his father's stationing as an occupying soldier in Germany. He talks about friends like Václav Havel, recalls the fall of the Berlin Wall, reports on the Yugoslav war, the Euro crisis and the refugee crisis, and provides a sharp, penetrating analysis of recent European history. The attack on Ukraine shows how urgently we need a free and united continent – no one embodies this idea more convincingly than Timothy Garton Ash.

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