Tracking voter behaviour

Tarik Abou-Chadi talks about his research on voter behavior in a changing European political landscape

European politics have changed fundamentally in the last 30 years. New topics like climate change, immigration and gender equality have moved onto the agenda and dominate it. New parties have arisen – both on the right and the left of the spectrum. And in the course of this, government coalitions are forged that demand compromises from the parties involved and sometimes shift away from their traditional objectives.

Are the parties thereby also moving away from their electoral base? The political scientist Tarik Abou-Chadi has been preoccupied by this change for years, both as someone interested in politics and as a scientist. Abou-Chadi is a professor at the University of Oxford and has also been an Einstein BUA/Oxford Visiting Fellow in Berlin since summer 2023.

You can read more about his research on voter behaviour in a changing political landscape in Europe here.