Distinguished Speaker Series - Science of Intelligence (SCIoI): Asifa Majid

"Establishing Human Universals"

Asifa Majid is a psychologist, linguist and cognitive scientist and Professor of Language, Communication and Cultural Cognition at the University of Oxford. She is the 2024 recipient of the Jeffrey L. Elman Prize for Scientific Achievement and Community Building, presented by the Cognitive Science Society. This lecture will address the growing concern that what we gather from studying humans in a particular place and time may not accurately reflect how humans behave in another context and how we can establish whether something is a psychological universal.

The lecture will take place in English. To attend via Zoom, please sign up here.

The Cluster of Excellence "Science of Intelligence (SCIoI)" is part of the Berlin University Alliance's excellence strategy. 


Maria Ott, Press & Communications Officer, Science of Intelligence (SCIoI), Technical University of Berlin