Governing health futures

The world is experiencing a rapid and cumulative rate of change. Digital and data tools are fundamentally changing approaches to health and the design of health systems, but governance models have not followed the pace of innovation. For the first time, a joint The Lancet & Financial Times Commission entitled Growing up in a digital world: Governing health futures 2030 is exploring the convergence of digital health, artificial intelligence (AI), and other frontier technologies with universal health coverage (UHC) to support attainment of the third Sustainable Development Goal.

The report will be released at the World Health Summit, on 25 October 2021 at 11.00 CEST. It explores the convergence of digital health, artificial intelligence (AI), and other emerging technologies with universal health coverage (UHC). The report examines the broader societal and governance questions that emerge at the interface of digital and health transformations with a particular focus on children and young people who stand to inherit governance models being designed today. It report recommends actions for policymakers and other digital health stakeholders to ensure that the deployment of new tools and innovations promotes wellbeing, supports UHC, and transforms health systems and services to better serve the needs of current and future generations.

children looking at ipad

Oxford in Berlin researchers are also working with colleagues at the FT for our Global Health Strategy Groups, especially for digital health and AI for health, antimicrobial resistance, and pandemic lessons and future pandemic response. More details to follow soon on our "research" pages.