State of the World's Plants and Fungi Virtual Symposium

In conjunction with the publication of a groundbreaking report, scientists, policymakers, businesses, NGOs, the public and media will come together online for the first international State of the World's symposium combining both plants and fungi. 

Plants and fungi are the building blocks of our planet, with the potential to solve urgent problems that threaten human life. These vital resources, however, are being compromised by biodiversity loss and now, more than ever, we need to explore the solutions that plants and fungi could provide.



The programme is based around six themed sessions in which invited experts will address a topical question through presentations and a Q&A panel discussion:

Session 1 – Collections 
Why are they important for averting biodiversity loss? What should we do to help them evolve to enable us to address future challenges?

Session 2 – Biodiversity loss
What is driving the extinction rates?

Session 3 – Plant and fungal uses
How can we maximise the use of plant and fungal diversity to meet global challenges?

Session 4 – Genomics
How do we embrace novel approaches to studying plant and fungal biodiversity?

Session 5 – Commercialisation
How do we optimise the economic benefits of plant and fungal biodiversity in recognition of different stakeholders’ needs?

Session 6 – Policies   
How can we work globally to respect and enable Access and Benefit Sharing and CITES regulations, while increasing the diversity of plants and fungi being studied?