Global health initiatives


to our space for global health researchers from Oxford, Berlin, Europe and the world, and especially the global south, to share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge, working together to find solutions to some of the biggest global health challenges.


Our first two years brought together colleagues from over 40 organisations covering all areas of global health, focussing on one-on-one researcher-to-researcher connections and creating the foundations of future collaborations.


Starting in 2021 four Global Health Strategy Groups aim to bring together 40-50 members from around the world to tackle: antimicrobial resistance (AMR); pandemic lessons and future pandemic preparedness; digital health and AI for health; and planetary health.


We continue to explore many other areas of global health including: the health and quality of life of aging populations; dementia; ridding the world of neglected tropical diseases; linking human health to natural systems and exploring sustainable economic and social development as a force for good health

Our published reports

You can download our interim reports by clicking on the listings below:


Antimicrobial resistance report

Digital Health and AI for health

Pandemic lessons and future preparedness

Vaccine access